Student Information

To be completed by ASW applicants for grades 2-5.

American School of Warsaw with its seat in Bielawa, ul. Warszawska 202, 05-520 Konstancin-Jeziorna, Poland, is a data controller in relation to the personal data covered by this form and additional documentation used during the application process constituting appendices to this form. Data shall be processed for purposes of facilitating the admissions and enrollment process. Data may be collected from you or other persons (teachers, counselors, administrators and specialists from previous school or pre-school).

You have the right to access and correct the data. Providing the data is voluntary, though necessary to participate in the admissions process. In relation to the personal data collected from other persons, in cases specified by the applicable law, you have the right to: (i) prevent the processing of the data for direct marketing purposes or to object to the transfer of the personal data to another data controller,and (ii) submit a justified written request to cease the processing of your data due to your particular situation.

Please provide the First and Family Name of your child in its official spelling. This is how your child’s name will be spelled on school records.

Please click the calendar icon, then click the month and year at the top, to easily select the correct date. Alternatively, please type the date in American format (MM/DD/YYYY).

For guidance on which grade to apply for, please consult our Enrollment Age Chart.

Please note that we do NOT accept applications for 2019-2020 until September 2018

Nationality (for admissions purposes)

Please indicate here the nationality with which your student is applying for admission. This must be a nationality your child shares with at least one parent. Proof of nationality can be provided in the form of passport copy or birth certificate.

Please list additional nationalities